• 10—26.03.2022
Les Brigittines

Since its inception in 2012, In Movement has set itself the mission of bringing together the work of Brussels-based artists who are 100% committed to contemporary creation. Their performances address very diverse and contrasting themes. The spectators are transported into personal worlds of emotion where they often face unusual viewpoints and perspectives.

A journey into the world of creation that we deliberately keep very compact and intense, as it is condensed into three weeks, nine evenings, with three performances each evening, in order to establish a close connection between worlds of imagination and artistic styles.

Program to be discovered in January 2022:

  • simple - Ayelen Parolin
  • Parabellum - Erika Zueneli
  • Golem - Compagnie Abis/Julien Carlier
  • Fruit Tree - Lara Barsacq
  • Hyphen - Charlotte Van den Eynde & Nicolas Rombouts
  • Elisabeth gets her way - Jan Martens
  • Tamanegi - Ikue Nakagawa
  • Troisième Nature - Demestri & Lefeuvre
  • ...