• 04.11.2017 20:00

Production BOZAR

Het Collectief is one of the most exciting chamber music ensembles in Belgium. The group has developed a unique sound over the years, with a fascinating mix of wind instruments, strings and piano. In its repertoire, Het Collectief walks familiar and less familiar paths from the 20th century. Also on the programme is Cinquantenaires van de zotheid. Het Collectief gives us a snapshot of a half century of music, with the emphasis on a number of idiosyncrasies from the music of the period 1918 to 1968. Not only does the singer in Lachenmann’s TemA sing, he also breathes loudly, clears his throat and even screams. At the same time, the first half of the 20th century saw the advent of jazz, and that certainly didn’t go by unnoticed by classical composers, as is demonstrated by Stravinsky’s Ragtime – a work which includes the exotic cimbalom.


Ragtime, for 11 instruments Igor Stravinsky
Serenade Alfred Schnittke
Sonata Erotica, for soprano solo Erwin Schulhoff
TemA Helmut Lachenmann
Rapsodie Nègre Francis Poulenc
Musique d'ameublement (Tenture du cabinet préfectoral - Carrelage phonique - Tapisserie en fer forgé) Erik Satie
Pavan no. 2 after Purcell Peter Maxwell Davies
Sequenza III (voice) Luciano Berio
Karawane (poem) Hugo Ball

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