• 02.02.2019 18:00
Les Brigittines

Charity evening

Cinemaximiliaan started as a pop-up cinema in the Maximiliaan Park in Brussels. What started with a small film projector, grew into a dynamic cultural organisation by and for newcomers. Now, they conquer the big stages in Flanders.
The film concert Egged On by Music brings together top musicians from all over the world: from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Syria to Western Europe. Together they bring a strong live score to the silent film Egged On from 1926. The experimental soundtrack mixes pop, jazz and rock with oriental influences. Egged On, from slapstick legend Charley Bowers, acts as the backbone of this concert. In this movie, the main character tries to build a machine to make unbreakable eggs.
Egged On by Music
thus becomes a groundbreaking adventure, both cinematographically and musically.

Les bénéfices de la soirée seront donc entièrement reversés à l'association Cinemaximiliaan.

18:00 : Apero
19:00 : Film concert "Egged on by Music" - 20 eur
20:30 : Dinner (Syrian buffet) - 25 eur
22:00 : Dance Party


Film Eggged On :
Charley Bowers, Comedy Short, USA, 1926, copy Lobster Films, Paris
With :
Simon Ho (rhodes), Hussein Rassim (oud), Saif Al-Qaissy (tabla, singing), Walaa Saad (singing), Arezoo Alimomen (percussion, singing), Ananta Roosens (viola), Teuk Henri (acoustic guitar 12 strings), Mostafa Taleb (kamancheh), Hayder Abood (percussion), Adrien Behbodi Sakha (cello), Emma Heijink (piano), Juliette Lacroix (cello), Shahriar Sharifpoor (santur), Vera Cavallin (harp)
Compositie, music direction :
Simon Ho, Emma Heijink
Production team :
Reza Panahi, Batul Hossini, Lubnan Al-Wazny, Ayman Al-Tawil, Bahzad Salhe,
Abbas Alsajwari, Louay Daboos, Ebrahim Neissi, Solmaz Gharehdaghi, Omar Al Samarai, Abdulrahman Aljassem, Abdullah Fakhr
Production, programmation :
Gawan Fagard, Gwendolyn Lootens, Cinemaximiliaan
Supported by :
Vlaamse Gemeenschapscomissie