• 24.11.2021 20:30

The accordion and cello of the Ictus players blend their sombre tones with the young and fervent voice of soprano Lore Binon to sing a hymn to the night: prayers, distant songs, muffled melodies. As night falls, identities fade – modern or ancient: what does it really matter? Today’s music intersects with the 9th century hymns of Saint Kassiani of Constantinople, also known as Kassia, the first woman composer whose music scores survived the ages.

Saint Kassia of Constantinople: Hymns, for voice and instruments
Michael Pisaro: Tombstones, excerpts, for voice and instruments
Luciano Berio: La fiolaire, for voice and instruments
Tarquinio Merula: Tempo di dormire, for voice and instruments
Salvatore Sciarrino: Vagabonde Blu, for accordion
John Cage: A Flower, for voice and instrument
Jonathan Harvey: Chant, for cello
John Cage: Beautiful Widow of Eighteen Springs, for voice and instrument

Lore Binon: soprano
François Deppe: cello
Luca Piovesan: accordion

Chrissy Dimitriou : flute
Primoz Sukic : e-guitar

Production :
Ictus, Opéra de Lille