• 16.03.2017 20:30

Price : 10 eur, on the spot the same evening

Between contemporary, Baroque and Renaissance repertoires, the concert performed by this trio is an ode to the “black bile” — the melancholy pitch, the saturnine liqueur, without which musicians would have such an inane smile on their faces that we might be tempted to punch them.

A clear voice without vibrato, an acoustic or electric guitar, Eva Reiter’s subtle way of playing the viola da gamba — all slightly amplified — form a patchwork of tormented and delightful miniatures: short bitter-sweet melodies, Purcell-style ostinati (with the music of Filidei, for example), pop songs that have been slowed down a hundred times, nocturnal confidences …

When time fragments and the past wavers...

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Soprano :
Theresa Dlouhy
Viola da gamba :
Eva Reiter
Electric and acoustic guitars :
Tom Pauwels
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Eva Reiter - (c) Reiter