• 23+24.11.2018

Price :
8 / 12 eur, on the spot, the evening of the show


The 2018 Festival proposes two days of music out of space and out of time: in turn or simultaneously urban and rural, spiritual and profane, from here and there, from yesterday and today. Rhodri Davies, his harp, and his wind, water, and ice installations come together here, a poetic, musical reincarnation of the legendary King David; Romain Baudoin and his "torrom borrom", part hurdy-gurdy, part electric guitar whose humming sounds enchant us in a mystical trance; Romain Colautti and Thomas Baudoin, urban troubadours with rhythms inspired by the Gascon moor and the Pyrenees; Baudouin de Jaer lastly, who took inspiration for his composition from the village of Orgosolo where the mythical figure of the Sardinian bandit, the eternal member of the resistance against the invader, was invented. Five polyphonic singers of traditional "cantu" fill out the cast.

Friday 23.11

20:30 - Rhodri Davies
21:00 - Romain Baudouin
22:00 - D'en Haut replaced by Cocanha

Saturday 24.11

20:30 - Rhodri Davies
21:00 - Romain Baudouin
22:00 - Tenores Di Orgosolo

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