• 20+21.11.2020
Les Brigittines

These troubled times are also very difficult for artists, so we felt that organising a “Solidarity” festival would be an important gesture. We are showing our solidarity with a profession that has suffered from months of silence.

The unique boreal voices of Maarja Nuut and Maja Ratkje; the surprising vocal poetry of Anne-James Chaton; the heart-breaking sounds of the NO&RD duo; the fascinating litany of Jesus’ Blood Never Failed me yet by Gavin Bryars; the captivating new piece written by Lukas Ligeti for the voice of Clara Inglese; and surprising guitar textures from Stephen O’Malley will be some of the work on offer during this autumn of creativity.

For this unique edition, the Ars Musica festival is moving away from its usual format following a theme and has instead constructed a varied programme together with the artists to reflect the full range of musical creation. After these uncertain times, the most important thing is sharing; so, from now on, let’s share!

At Les Brigittines :

Friday 20.11

20:00 - Trio O3 & NO&RD

Saturday 21.11

14:30 - Welcoming the Flowers - Anne-James Chaton & Jean-Michel Espitallier
16:00 - Songs from Now, Songs from then...
17:30 - No tongues - Les Voix du Monde

Production :
Ars Musica