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Every year, Les Brigittines and the Master's programme in Performing Arts (Master en Arts du Spectacle) of the ULB join forces for an in-depth reflection on contemporary performing arts and societal problems.

This season, three lectures and a roundtable will take place on the themes of alternative economics, ecofeminism and the short production chain. The aim is to generate interest in developing applications that allows us to forge a committed relationship with our living environment. In contrast to the dominance and exploitation of the capitalist model, which has made its limitations and perils abundantly clear, we wish to bring initiatives that were developed in other fields and artistic initiatives together in order to reinvent and enrich the latter.

In a recent work dedicated to the analysis of the conditions that make the world more manageable, Peter Sloterdijk reveals that it is "less important for man to know who they are than to know where they are". The environmental crisis combined with the spatial contraction that our societies have recently experienced make us question the way we treat the environment and, consequently, the way we inhabit the world.

In partnership with :
Master en Arts du Spectacle de l'Université Libre de Bruxelles