• 27.09.2020 16:00—19:00

Max. 66 people
FR (LSFB on request)
Mandatory registration

How do we adapt our stories? How do we create new stories by and for women? By what physical means? What solutions and tools exist?

On the program is a roundtable with distinguished guests :

  • Manon Brulard (moderator), co-founder of « Hack Your Future » and organizer of the Wikithon (RTBF – Les Grenades)
  • Fatima-Zohra Ait El Maâti, director and co-founder of the feminist collective Imazi.Reine
  • Marian Lens, founder of the L-Tour and owner of the first lesbian bookshop in Brussels (Artemys)
  • Estelle Depris, co-creator of the podcast « Sans Blanc de Rien »