• 06—08.06.2019 20:30

Meet the artist after the show on 07.06

Memories from the 22nd century

In Latin, collapsus means the fall of a bloc. Recently, the neologism, "collapsology" has appeared as the study of the fall awaiting industrial societies. Continuing this idea, Manuel Roque seeks, through F1, to explore the trance that precedes or follows the state of shock, agitation, obsolescence, a state of appearance-disappearance in which several archetypes are filtered along with the twists and turns of the human condition.

Evening made of 3 short pieces, with Épisode (I feel nothing) & Homogramm-Tanz

Choreography, performance :
Manuel Roque
Artistic advices, dramaturgy :
Sophie Corriveau, Lucie Vigneault
Costume, scenography :
Marilène Bastien
Production :
Cie Manuel Roque
Co-production :
Les Brigittines, Festival Trans-Amériques
Supported by :
Conseil des Arts des du Canada
Picture :
(c) Marilène Bastien