• 20+21.08.2021 19:00
Mezzo, 15’

Belgian premiere


Roni Chadash conceived Goofy “as an attempt to understand the way a body can lose its innocence and how something so amorphous can become a familiar and common creature called a ‘WOMAN’”.

In Hebrew, “Goofy” means “my body”. The latter is indeed at the core of the performance, with its awkwardness and the way in which it can become its own face and its own monster. And this show provides striking images of the body where its disarticulation reveals a distorted and appealing animality.

Along with rain and Pode Ser, this short solo constitutes the first instalment of an evening made up of singular works using an original language.

Evening made of 3 short pieces (with rain - Meytal Blanaru & Pode Ser - Leïla Ka).

Choreography, performance :
Roni Chadash
Ligthing design :
Amir Castro
Rehearsal manager :
Dana Shoval
Music :
Arvo Pärt, Nicolas Jaar, Chopin
With the support of :
l'Ambassade d'Israël en Belgique
Pictures :
Pini Snir