• 28.08.2019 21:00
Chapel, 60’

Meet the artists after the show on 28.08

Belgium Première

As humble priestess of the invisible, Tania Carvalho delves into the gaps in the air, into the crevices of reality. She summons telluric forces that take shape through her. With arms like vines and movements cast like spells, we see her as conductor of the shadow world.

But these shadows also have full control over her, and it is from her fight with her own demons that another being emerges, her and not her, us in any case, undoubtedly, deep within us. She gives spectators what comes to her by intuition, and it is a plunge into the mystery of things and of life that she shares: shivers of the soul that are like secret earthquakes.

Evening made of 2 pieces cf. Shadowpieces I - mélancolie de l'espace

Choreography, performance :
Tânia Carvalho
Music :
Light design :
Anatol Waschke, Tânia Carvalho, Zeca Iglésias
Production manager :
João Guimarães
Production :
Tânia Carvalho
Co-production :
Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Teatro Aveirense
Residencies :
Centro Cultural Vila Flor, O Espaço do Tempo, Teatro Viriato
Picture :
Rui Palma