• 28.08.2019 19:00
  • 29.08.2019 20:30
Mezzo, 35’

Italy - Germany
Meet the artists after the show on 29.08

Belgium Première

How to hijack the character of Harlequin from the Commedia dell'Arte? Or rather, how to use his buffoonery and deviousness as a grovelling servant to touch on the farce of power relationships?

From slips into misconduct, Enrico Ticconi and Ginevra Panzetti bring out prominent images that evoke other allegiances and many other results. We shift from trivial to terrifying, from statue to gargoyle, from caricature to sensitive faults. The downward slide of bodies and situations resonates as a muted warning, accompanied by a dark laugh that is not funny. On a knife edge, everything could tip to one side or the other. This satirical duet is full of fascinating symmetries.

Evening made of 2 pieces cf. Troubles du rythme

By and with :
Ginevra Panzetti, Enrico Ticconi
Sound design :
Demetrio Castelluci
Light design :
Annegret Schalke
Technical direction :
Paolo Tizianel
Costume :
Ginevra Panzetti, Enrico Ticconi
Video documentation :
Etorre Spezza
Promotion :
Marco Villari
With the support of :
VAN, Tanzfabrik, PACT Zollverein, NAOcrea - Ariella Vidach AiEP, KommTanz - Compagnia Abbondanza / Bertoni, Rovereto, L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora, Mondaino, AtelierSì, Bologna, C.L.A.P. Spettacolodalvivo, Cronopios - Teatro Petrella, Longiano, Vera Stasi - Progetti per la Scena, Tuscania, Network Anticorpi XL
Pictures :
Ettore Spezza