• 21+22.08.2019 20:30
Mezzo, 60’

Meet the artists after the show on 21.08

"Horion" generally means a violent blow. Here, it means blows in their most literal (kicks, head butts, punches, thrusts) and metaphorical aspects, as rhythmic and energetic shocks.

As a dark and comedic, hyper-contemporary Adam and Eve, Malika Djardi and her accomplice Nestor Garcia Diaz play an unpredictable live album with a more percussive than harmonious musical score, where instruments are replaced by movement and bodies. A joyous blend of brilliance and brutality, love and hate, passes through the duo and makes the play into a madcap exploration of relationships… and a stimulating uproar with countless shocks!

Concept, choreography :
Malika Djardi
Performance :
Nestor Garcia Diaz, Malika Djardi
Music :
Nicolas Taite, Thomas Turine
Sound technical :
Benoît Pelé
Sound management :
Thomas Laigle
Light designer :
Yves Godin
Light operator :
Iannis Japiot
Costume :
Ateliers de couture du Théâtre de Liège, La Bourette, Marie-Colin Madan, Nodd Architecture
Scenography :
LFA Looking For Architecture
Dramaturgy advisor :
Youness Anzane
Executive production :
Association Stand
Co-production :
Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Théâtre de Liège, Charleroi danse, Manège, Scène Nationale - Reims, L'échangeur - CDC Hauts-de-France
Residencies and supports :
Centre National de la Danse, CND Centre National de la Danse Rhône-Alpes, Scène 7 / Le Croiseur
Pictures :
Loïc Benoît