• 18+20.08.2018 19:00
Mezzo, 45’

From 18 years old

Belgium Première

A character from the Hebrew tradition but who is no longer a part of the biblical texts, Lilith was the first woman, a true equal of Adam. It is for her censured status as masculine equivalent that she has become the emblem of many militant feminist groups through the representation of the feminine body: a non-conformist libertine character who symbolises, not without violence, the opposite of the feminine ideal upheld and valued in our patriarchal societies.

Marinette Dozeville takes inspiration from her to irreverently probe the porous territories between servitude and freedom, domination and submission. Chaotic, sensual, attractive, and annoying, she removes the shackles of all bonds and leads a gradual liberation of the body and movement; wild and natural.

Choreography, performance :
Marinette Dozeville
Music creation, performance :
Uriel Barthelemi
Shibari former :
Cyril Grillon
Dramaturgy :
Stéphanie Auberville
Artistic contributors :
Benjamin Duval, Frédéric Xavier Liver
Set design :
Barbara Kraft
Light creation :
Marine Molard
Production :
Yapluka / Cie Marinette Dozeville
Coproduction :
le Nouveau Relax – Scène conventionnée de Chaumont, la Place des Cordes – Paris
With the support of :
Studio L’Envers, Festival Jerk O – Paris, le manège, scène nationale – Reims, le Laboratoire chorégraphique de Reims, Espace Louis Jouvet – Scène conventionnée des Ardennes et le Jardin Parallèle – Reims
Compagnie Marinette Dozeville is supported by :
Région Grand Est, le Ministère de la culture et de la communication/DRAC Grand Est, le Conseil Départemental de la Marne, la Ville de Reims, le Laboratoire chorégraphique de Reims et la Spedidam
Residencies :
Nouveau Relax – Scène Conventionnée de Chaumont
Pictures :
Alain Julien