• 25+26.08.2017 20:30
Chapel, 40’

Belgium Première

Meet the artists after the show on 25.08

Following the principle of the Möbius strip or ADN helix, two twin dancers slide and twist in an infinite standstill. Acceleration, downturns and racings rhythm the dance, sending us back to images of eternal returns, of looped destinies.  

Greek-born Kat Válastur lives and works in Berlin. Fragmentation, interrogation on the duration and the entropy are the nodal notions underlying these performances. Lang testifies of these preoccupations: a rigorous and radical choreographic proposition that opens like a circular vertigo.

An evening made up by 2 pieces cf. Pulse Constellations

Concept, choreography :
Kat Válastur
Performed by :
Laura Lozza, Annegret Schalke
Light designer :
Martin Beeretz
Costumes :
Lydia Sonderegger
Sound :
Bryan Eubanks
Press, production :
björn & björn
Touring, distribution :
Nicole Schuchardt / HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin
Production :
Kat Válastur
Supported by :
the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin
Photo :
© Leon Eixenberger