• 26+27.08.2019 20:30
Chapel, 50’

Spoken words in French
Meet the artists after the show on 26.08

Belgium Première

Can movement and words coexist in an exclusive relationship and potentiate their resources and differences in nature and effect? Pierre Pontvianne gives an original and striking answer to this question.

While an actor exhaustively describes a human fresco from a different angle each time, the dancers appear in it without embodying all the characters, following a complex and captivating score.

The scene is timeless and speaks of the popular representation of death in macabre dances and ceremonies that combine groups, families, and crowds.

From fortuitous or calculated confrontations between the subject of the discourse and that of the movement, links develop between the dance and discourse, reinforcing their relationship... It is a bet that makes MASS a very specific object.

Choreography :
Pierre Pontvianne
Performance :
Jazz Barbé, Laura Frigato, Florence Girardon, Mathieu Heyraud, Catherine Jodoin, David Mambouch, Marie-Lise Naud
Sound design :
Pierre Pontvianne
Music :
Gidon Kremer & Kremerata Baltica The Art of Instrumentation : Homage to Glenn Gould
Original text :
Sarabande David Mambouch
Light :
Valérie Colas
Decor :
Pierre Treille
Production :
Compagnie Parc
Co-production :
Le Dôme Théâtre, Théâtre du Vellein
With the support of :
CCN de Ballet de Lorraine
Studio residency :
2017-2018 Atelier de Paris / CDN, Ramdam - un centre d'art, Cie Maguy Marin
Residencies :
Le Pacifique - CDCN de Grenoble, Ramdam - un centre d'art, CCN de Rillieux-la-Pape
With the support of :
La SPEDIDAM, la Ville de Paris
Pictures :
Cie Parc