• 16+17.08.2021 20:30
Chapel, 20’

Belgian premiere


Meet the artists after the show on 16.08.

The inspiration for Morning Sun is a painting by Edward Hopper showing a naked woman who stands in a room lit by the sun, holding a cigarette in her hand. By investigating an imaginary world of desire and unresolved conflicts, the choreographer and her partner Marthe Krummenacher prolong this atmosphere of a suspended time cherished by the painter. Similar yet distinct, they draw its outline and evoke its imperious presence. The duality between them, the distancing, the precision of the movements leads to suggestion and to dreams.

Using her very own way of extracting the subject matter to set it into lines and rhythms, Perrine Valli pursues a seductively rigorous work of great musicality.

Evening made of 2 short pieces (with Mille - Harris Gkekas).

Concept, choreography :
Perrine Valli
Dance :
Marthe Krummenacher, Perrine Valli
Music :
The Sunfast (Eric Linder, Alexandre Muller Ramirez, Bernard Trontin)
Lighting :
Laurent Schaer
With the support of :
République et Canton de Genève, Pro Helvetia - Swiss arts council, Corodis
Picture :
Jean-Christophe Arav