• 16+17.08.2019 20:30
Chapel, 60’

Text in French
Meet the artists after the show on 16.08

Belgium Première

Friends meet in a large flat with rooms that interconnect without walls. They move from one to another initiating exchanges and discussions that are too banal to not open up to other, much more unusual dimensions. Through quirky misbehaviour, this mould behind closed doors breaks down with comedy and a sense of the absurd. With stereotypes and subterfuge cleared away, the private affair can begin, with a surge of irrationality and the unexpected.

In Ambra Senatore's universe, free association reigns. Drama and dance combine with a character that offers constant counterpoints to the spectacle of our standardised behaviours.

Choreography :
Ambra Senatore
On stage :
Matteo Ceccarelli, Elisa Ferrari, Ambra Senatore, Christophe Valerio
Light design :
Fausto Bonvini
Sound :
Jonathan Seilman, Ambra Senatore
Costume :
Louise Hochet
Set operator :
Jacques Brumachon
Decor construction :
Atelier de construction du Grand T, Théâtre de Loire Atlantique
Production :
Co-production :
Les 2 scènes - Scène Nationale de Besançon, le Théâtre de la Ville - Paris
Supported by :
CDC de Grenoble - Le Pacifique, Le Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes est subventionné par l'État - Préfet de la région Pays de la Loire - Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles, la Ville de Nantes, le Conseil Régional des Pays de La Loire et le Département de Loire-Atlantique
Pictures :
Viola Berlanda, B. Capela