• 20+21.08.2021 19:00
Mezzo, 15’

Belgian premiere


In the beginning, there is the urge against what we were, the roles we played, but also against everything that made us and what we could have been – or perhaps become (pode ser, in Portuguese)...

Leïla Ka revisits her own career as a dancer and explores the difficulty of being oneself, of assembling one’s own being and of overcoming one’s contradictions. Her movements are like a fight against oneself, against the air, the useless expansion, losses of all kinds... Clenched in on herself, she wages a furious struggle with fists, but this articulation paradoxically bodes an opening, future freedom. This freedom is tantamount to a promise for which the choreographer reveals some important principles: controlled energy, a density of presence, an art of being there.

Evening made of 3 short pieces (with Goofy - Roni Chadash & rain - Meytal Blanaru).

Choreography, performance :
Leïla Ka
Lighting design :
Laurent Fallot
Co-production, support :
IADU/La Villette Fondation de France 2017 - Paris, Compagnie Dyptik - St-Etienne, Espace Keraudy - Plougonvelin, Festival La becquée - Brest, Le Flow-CESU - Lille, Micadanses - Paris, Le théâtre - Scène nationale - St-Nazaire, Théâtre Icare - St-Nazaire
Pictures :
Olivier Mouazan, Martin Launay