• 24+25.08.2018 19:00
Mezzo, 30’

France - Spain

Belgium Première

What does it mean to be a woman? To what codes, to what social pressure must women submit?
Tomeo Vergés has found a beautiful stage metaphor to dig into the question and question the expected or required images that keep women on a set path.

And on a path is where Sandrine Maisonneuve finds herself: to the rhythm of a hypnotic metronome whose cadence she forces herself to follow, she repeats and transforms a set of daily movements. A prisoner despite herself, she engages in a back-and-forth battle, plays with clichés and body language ranging from the composition of the image of a perfect woman to her transformation into an ancestral warrior. Comical, biting, and liberating!

Evening made of 2 pieces cf. VON solo

Conception :
Tomeo Vergés
Performance :
Sandrine Maisonneuve
Artistic collaboration :
Véronique Petit
Picture :
Axel Perez