• 20+21.08.2021 19:00
Mezzo, 30’


With rain, Meytal Blanaru reawakens a childhood trauma of sexual abuse that she transmutes on stage through a compelling need to break the cycles of silence, shame, and guilt. She goes back to the roots of the memory to restore its impact by objectifying it. The performance is further reinforced and illuminated by the simplicity and economy of its form: postures, silences, tensions.

The result is a sense of truth and detachment through which she reclaims her own womanhood and her body from her perspective, no longer through the eyes of others.

Evening made of 3 short pieces (with Goofy - Roni Chadash & Pode Ser - Leïla Ka).

Concept, choreography, performance :
Meytal Blanaru
Music :
Benjamin Sauzereau
Dramaturgy :
Olivier Hespel
Production :
Fathom High Asbl
Co-production :
Les Brigittines
Pictures :
Pierre Planchenault