• 26—28.08.2021 19:00
Mezzo, 50’

Belgian premiere


Meet the artists after the show on 27.08

Positioned at the centre of a video fresco where their image multiplies and shatters, two women immerse themselves in a collection of moods and thoughts, of flashes and seizures where quotations, impregnations of other universes, samples of sound and video, improvisations, bugs, etc. both mix and intermingle.

The women seem attuned to the frequencies of the works that inspired them (Marguerite Duras, Chantal Akerman, Maya Deren...) and from which they draw a new, original proposal, somewhere between the nightmare and reverie.

Using their skilful nonchalance and inventive relationship to sound and image, Priscilla Guy and Catherine Lavoie-Marcus construct an endearing presence that simultaneously imposes itself and casts doubt on itself. The ruptures and superimpositions provide naturalness and a quirkiness that is constantly reinforced by humour.

Art direction, choreography, text, video, performance :
Catherine Lavoie-Marcus, Priscilla Guy
Sound design, dramaturgy assistant :
Michel F Côté
Projection, mapping, video effects :
Antoine Quirion Couture
Lighting :
Paul Chambers
Scenography :
Julie Vallée-Léger
Costumes :
Marie-Christine Quenneville
Critical eye :
Marie Claire Forté
Technical direction :
Samuel Thériault
Production :
Mandoline Hybride
With the support of :
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ), Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM)
Residencies :
Usine C - Montréal, Agora de la danse - Montréal, L'Animal a l'Esquena - Espagne, Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique - Montréal, Centre des arts actuales Skol - Montréal
Pictures :
Svetla Atanasova