• 21+22.08.2017 20:30
Chapel, 75’


Meet the artists after the show on 21.08

A second-degree suspense story leaves false trails and real trouble for a vibrant show toppling all landmarks.

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Concept, direction and choreography :
Ann Van den Broek
Performance :
Louis Combeaud, Wolf Govaerts, Nik Rajšek, Frauke Mariën, Emma Seresia, and others
Live camera, cinematography :
Bernie van Velzen
Hand-lamp :
Ann Van den Broek
Musical composition :
Arne Van Dongen
Voice :
Gregory Frateur
Scenography :
Ann Van den Broek, Bernie van Velzen
Costumes :
Ann Van den Broek, Judith Van Herck
Make-up :
Jos Brands
Advices :
Marc Vanrunxt
Sales :
A Propic - Line Rousseau & Marion Gauvent
Co-production :
WArd/waRD, cc Berchem, Korzo Productions (Royaume-Uni)
With the support of :
Fonds des arts du spectacle (NL)
Pictures :
© Maarten Vanden Abeele