• 30+31.08.2019 19:00
Mezzo, 45’


Belgium Première

Painter, sculptor, and performer, Olivier de Sagazan is the author of a multi-faceted work, haunted by metamorphosis, and with unlikely characters violently wrested from the normality of our appearances.

Transfiguration stages the sculptor's desire to give life to his creation - and his dissatisfaction at being unable to do so. So, he enters into the clay himself, covering his body and face with it, and, through his transformations, leaves his identity to invent animal, hybrid, and monstrous others. He breaks through, erases, and undoes the layers of his face in a frenetic, unfettered quest, a form of ritual between dance and trance.

The experience is similar to what springs up when a totally unexpected, aberrant, true, wild vision of ourselves is revealed.

Concept, performance :
Olivier de Sagazan
Pictures :
Didier Carluccio, Solve Sundsbo