• 30+31.08.2017 20:30
Mezzo, 20 ’


Meet the artists after the show on 30.08

With Perhaps..., Vera Mantero gives free rein to her impulsiveness and the play becomes a moving lexicon of her grammar of movements. The prodigiously expressive body and face give life to often-startling attitudes and sequences anchored in our unconscious dialogues and subtly unveiled ulterior motives.

Evening made up by 3 pieces cf. une mystérieuse Chose, a dit e.e.cummings* & Ouvrir le temps (the perception of)

Concept, performance :
Vera Mantero
Set :
André Lepecki
Original light-design :
João Paulo Xavier
Light adaption and operation :
Hugo Coelho
Music :
Ruby, My Dear, Thelonious Monk
Costume :
Vera Mantero
Production :
Pós d’Arte, 1991
Financial support :
Instituto da Juventude
Supports :
Companhia de Dança de Lisboa
Photo :
© José Fabião
O Rumo do Fumo is supported by :
Ministério da Cultura / Direcção-Geral das Artes