• 30+31.08.2017 20:30
Mezzo, 20’


Meet the artists after the show on 30.08

In this short play marked by the stamp of originality and humour, the metamorphosed dancer in constant unbalance changes into one mysterious Thing*, to use the words of Cummings to describe Josephine Baker. 
Vera Mantero uses both to question the perception of the dancer by the audience.

* What he really said about Josephine: “one mysterious Thing, neither primitive nor civilised, or beyond time, in the sense that emotion is beyond arithmetics”

Evening made up by 3 piecec cf. Peut-être elle pourrait danser d’abord et penser ensuite & Ouvrir le temps (the perception of)

Concept, performance :
Vera Mantero
Make-up :
Alda Slavisa (original drawing by Carlota Lagido)
Props :
Teresa Montalvão
Original light design :
João Paulo Xavier
Light adaptation and operation :
Hugo Coelho
Executive Production :
Culturgest, Lisbon, 1996 Homage to Josephine Baker
Supports :
Casa da Juventude de Almada Forum Dança Re.Al / Amascultura
Photo :
© Jorge Gonçalves
O Rumo do Fumo is supported by :
Ministério da Cultura / Direcção-Geral das Artes