• 22—24.02.2018 20:30
Chapel, 60’

Meet the artist after the show on 23.02

An account of those who, leaning on the unstable, have accustomed their bodies to imbalance. Of agitated, out-of-the-ordinary, impulsive, overwhelmed, shipwrecked people. With bad luck entrenched in them, they are unpredictable, often relentless, live wires. But, with this, they also carry an unwavering obstinacy to stay ‘standing’, to find meaning in their experience and effort. Even if these attempts remain precarious, they reveal a kind of joy and poetry, while displaying an aptitude to play with everything, ranging from the absurd right through to the tragic. Being imbalanced helps to understand the world.

Choreography :
Karine Ponties
Performance :
Ares D’Angelo, Eric Domeneghetty, Florencia Demestri, Vilma Pitrinaite
Technical direction, light and artistic collaboration :
Guillaume Toussaint Fromentin
Stage management :
Benjamin Pasternak
Composer :
David Monceau
Stage design :
Wilfrid Roche Maëstroni, Marie Gourdain
Costumes :
Gaëlle Marras
Production administrator :
Rachel Goldenberg
Production assistance :
Nerina Cocchi
Production :
Dame de Pic/Cie Karine Ponties
Co-production :
Théâtre de Liège, Les Brigittines, La COOP asbl
With the support of :
Shelterprod, Taxshelter.be, ING, Tax-Shelter du Gouvernement fédéral belge, Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Service de la Danse
Thank you to :
Microfactory, Joachim Jannin
Picture :
Andrea Messana