• 01.03.2018 19:00
  • 02+03.03.2018 22:00
Studio, 40’

An unusual encounter between a draughtsman performer, dancer choreographer and a sound space designer.

The performance questions the barriers between motif and movement in a plastic and sound mechanism where two surviving castaway beings that escaped an unknown yet ordinary catastrophe, out of time and away from any belonging enter in resonance.

Dessins, live video, drawing :
Vincent Fortemps
Choreography and movement :
Mauro Paccagnella
Live music :
Didier Casamitjana
Light :
Simon Stenmans
Production :
Wooshing Machine, Wendy Toussaint, FRMK, Thierry Van Hasselt
Co-production :
Les Brigittines
With the support of :
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Service Général des Lettres et du Livre - Commission d’aide à la Bande Dessinée