• 01.03.2018 19:00
  • 02+03.03.2018 22:00
Studio, 40’

An unusual encounter between a draughtsman performer, dancer choreographer and a sound space designer.

The performance questions the barriers between motif and movement in a plastic and sound mechanism where two surviving castaway beings that escaped an unknown yet ordinary catastrophe, out of time and away from any belonging enter in resonance.

Drawing, live video :
Vincent Fortemps
Choreography and movement :
Mauro Paccagnella
Live music :
Didier Casamitjana
Light :
Simon Stenmans
Production :
Wooshing Machine, Wendy Toussaint, FRMK, Thierry Van Hasselt
Co-production :
Les Brigittines
With the support of :
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Service Général des Lettres et du Livre - Commission d’aide à la Bande Dessinée