• 15—17.03.2018 20:30
Mezzo, 60’


Meet the artist after the show on 16.03

"Even with the statement "this is a hand", you can get it wrong. Mistakes are only ruled out under very specific circumstances." Ludwig Wittgenstein

Noon has no narrative or logic, for that matter. A mental journey, questioning the meaning of movement. Inspired by doubt, movement is constantly repeated as changes are made through light and the addition of words or objects. How do we read these changes and what role does individual memory play in this process? Is it possible for us to really look at things with an open mind?

Creation and performance :
Youness Khoukhou
Sound :
Louis Richard
Dramaturgy advices :
Youness Anzane
Luminous stage design :
Sylvie Mélis
External eye :
Jeanne Colin
Production :
Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre
Co-production :
Charleroi danse, C-Mine cultuurcentrum
In collaboration with :
Les Brigittines, Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats, STUK, Maison des Cultures Molenbeek
Pictures :
Danny Willems