• 02—30.09, 01—31.10, 01—30.11, 01—31.12.2019, 01—31.01, 01—29.02, 01—31.03, 01—30.04, 01—31.05, 01—30.06.2020

AXOSO’s core mission is to develop experimental music projects involving young, amateur and/or underprivileged music enthusiasts, and to give them a platform. It has been building string and plucked instruments from recycled materials and during a weekly workshop, electronic instruments are given a new lease of life.

Apart from already well-established projects, such as the Orchestre Sauvage de Belgique involving young people from the Marolles district and GAML, a metallophone ensemble on pots and pans, AXOSO gives numerous initiatory workshops for youth centres, schools and cultural centres.

In 2020, AXOSO will be carrying out new projects involving people with a disability:
- In tandem with the le 8ème jour care centre, newly established in the neighbourhood, it is working on a musical involving young adults with mild disabilities. The first concerts are planned in the spring of 2020. http://www.axoso.club/8e-jour/
- as part of a creation involving the children of CETD (special education school for children with motor disabilities), in partnership with the non-profit association Pierre de Lune, ‘disability’ will be studied through sound and movement in space throughout the year.

For more information, please visit www.axoso.club.