• 07—30.09, 01—30.10.2020
Les Brigittines

The "Tapage Nocturne" (Noise nuisance) project consists of two modules of multidisciplinary workshops - one focusing on photography and sound recordings, while the other is about theatre and movement. There will be a joint conclusion in the form of a stage creation that will be shown in Les Brigittines.

The symbolism of "tapage nocturne" runs throughout the project like a common theme: what does ‘making a noise’ actually mean? At what point are you deemed disorderly? What happens at night to each of us? Where are the boundaries of ‘me’, of intimacy, of living together, of closeness?

The vernissage of the exhibition of the first module "du micro-trottoir au documentaire photographique" took place in Hectolitre at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday 19 December 2019.

The second module on theatre and movement started in January 2020 but was abruptly interrupted by the coronavirus, which, needless to say, has thrown the entire project planning into disarray. The workshops will be resumed in September and the joint conclusion with the public performance is scheduled on October 30th (more details will follow).

The workshops are free of charge for all residents of the Marolles and beyond. There are no entry requirements to be able to attend.

Contact (registration) :

- Camille Collard (Les Brigittines) : c.collard(at)brigittines.be - 02 213 86 23
- Adèle et Alison (collectif ÅTTA) : collectifatta(at)gmail.com - 0486 37 55 94 (Adèle) - 0474 94 45 82 (Alison)

With the support of :
Triodos Bank's savers