Public facilitation

workshops with the ULB's Master in Performing

The Brigittines and the ULB's Master in Performing Arts work together on a partnership made up of workshops analysing the many signs of the performing arts and that aims at enriching the training of future players in the cultural and artistic worlds. Steered around the shows played at the Brigittines, these workshops open entire sections of sensitivity that allow better perceiving the challenges of performances and situating their relation to the world. These workshops offer students the possibility to dare place words on their feelings before a performance and to recognise the kinships and heritages as well as the value and sense of innovation.

Conferences the ULB's Master in Performing Arts

In the aim of extending the reflection on contemporary dance, the three structures offer public conferences on the themes broached during the season's shows. Encounters between students, teachers and stage professionals, broadened reflections on contemporary creations, this collaboration offers to borrow tools to anthropology, sociology and philosophy to stimulate the analytical vision of the spectator. The interventions of specialists invited within the framework of these public conferences were designed as invitations to explore the dramaturgy and challenges of these creations in the context of today's society.

Encounters with the artists

A meeting between artists and spectators will be offered at the end of each cycle of performances. During these discussions, the facilitator shares additional keys to understand the show that took place just before. The audience is then invited to share their sensations and questions with the artists.

Arsène 50

The Brigittines are intent to implement a pricing policy allowing everyone to watch a performance by offering reduced cost seats with our partner ARSENE 50.

Article 27

Article 27 does not just stand for a special price, it is first and foremost an organisation that fights on behalf of the most vulnerable for access to culture. In association with non-profit organisation CARIA, a project has been launched with a group of adults in French as a Foreign Language level 1 training. Its purpose is to visit different cultural places with the request that this group take part in cultural life in general. That is how Les Brigittines were asked to open their doors to this initiative. The extensive collaboration calendar which is still under construction includes, inter alia, meeting artists, exchanges with the team, finding out about the programme, attending rehearsals and various other activities.

Carte 'Culture Voisin.e.s'

Les Brigittines are also part of a network that benefits the local residents and people working in Les Marolles. Les Brigittines, Les Tanneurs, the Centre Culturel Bruegel, the Espace Magh, the art and margins museum and the Jewish Museum of Belgium have all joined forces to offer them a card free of charge. This card entitles the group to access one of the seven partner locations at a preferential rate.

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