• 22.04.2021 17:00—18:30
Hall, 90’

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(The performing arts and their quest for new production models)

The performing arts are suffering. Theatre, dance, music, circus and the like, they all need their audience for sharing a live and inspired experience, which has not been the case for many months now. It is already obvious that this crisis is set to have a huge impact on the distribution of resources and on employment in the sector.
We should remember, though, that behind all these cancelled performances, there are real people: artists, technicians, producers... and the future of each and every one of them hangs in the balance. If nothing else, this Covid-19 crisis is adept at highlighting social inequality. In this emergency situation, we try to cushion the impact of the crisis by rescheduling the cancelled performances and if necessary, rescheduling them a second time.
But rescheduling cancelled activities will not be enough. The arts will have to reinvent themselves, just like all other sectors in our society, in fact. Drastic times call for drastic measures when it comes to the methods of production and dissemination.

Around this challenge, Karel Vanhaesebrouck (ULB) brings together four guest speakers for an in-depth reflection on a new future for the arts:
- Stéphane Bonnard, founding member of KompleX Kapharnaum, a company dedicated to urban interventions,
- Isabelle Ferreras, sociologist at the FNRS and the universities of Louvain-la-Neuve and Harvard,
- Nathanaël Harcq, director of the Conservatory of Liège and training supervisor of actors in the same institution,
- David Irle, who, as part of his AladirConseil project, is dedicated to better understanding the impact of global warming on culture.