• 24.06.2017 15:00—21:00


Between September 2016 and June 2017, take part to our artistic project that will end in a show designed by you and choreographer Christian Bakalov!

You're young, old or neither. You love to move and invent in a team. Welcome! We need your imagination, know-how, super-powers but most of all… we need YOU! The idea consists in creating, surprising and being stunned. No pre-requisite desired.

It's free of charge. It's open to everyone. Workshops will take place in the Brigittines aquarium on the place Akarova (at the heart of the Marolles).

BIG FUTURE is a participative artistic platform located at the very heart of the Marolles neighbourhood. It is open to everyone, regardless of age, religion, physical or social condition. The project aims at putting together an artistic experimentation think tank. 
The priority consists in giving you a space to formulate, project, and affirm your identity and that of your neighbourhood. Sharing moments and ideas together and with others is one of the cornerstones of the project. The idea consists in encouraging you to imagine your future, rethink your present to question the realities of everyday life. This present is the starting point from which reflections and strategies will be developed, processes launched, rituals invented and scenarios of "possible futures" will come to life. BIG FUTURE should be envisaged like a "forum for imagination". 

Schedule from 11.01.2017:
Every Wednesday from 5 to 7pm

Free workshop

Atelier BODY SENSING ROUTINE - April 19th - from 11 to 3pm

The BODY SENSING ROUTINE introduce you to a series of simple exercises, framed by specific breathing and mental visualization that connect in a direct physical way your body awareness and the sensations you are experiencing from it. This first part of the BSR is performed solo in a sitting position. The second part of the BSR is performed in a groups (from 2 to 6 people) and acts on one subject trough all the others, directly bodies on body, in order to allow the experimenting subject to move "without any effort" and evaluates his state of relaxation, capacities of surrendering, trust or level of self-control. Like in his "performative parcours”, the BODY SENSING ROUTINE of Christian Bakalov deal with empathie and basic affects, introducing us into a total experience in which the physical , emotional and symbolic body are moved , affected and transformed.
BSR can be practice by people from 10 to 99 years old and any physical condition.

Place : Les Brigittines - Aquarium
Rue des Visitandines, 6 - 1000 Brussels
Info : Christian Bakalov - T. +32 (0)484 89 77 55 - bigfuture(at)brigittines.be
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/bigfu...