• 19—22.04.2017

The Brussels cultural centres Beursschouwburg and Les Brigittines are organising a house swap and are inviting the public to take a look on the other side!

The other side? Yes! We mean the Dutch-speaking side. Or the French-speaking side. Depending on which way you look at it … ;) Beursschouwburg and Les Brigittines are just over one kilometre removed from each other and represent a different trail, at least theoretically: the Dutch-speaking and French-speaking. Is there an artistic language barrier as such? Does art on the other side of the border look the same? We are going out to investigate and taking our public with us! How easy is it to find the way to ‘the other’?

And that’s why we’re swapping houses. For a few days, Beursschouwburg, including mice, artists and kitchen sink, will be moving to Les Brigittines. And vice versa. What if we answer the phone in Ortsstraat with: “Bonjour, Les Brigittines”, or with “Met Beursschouwburg, goeiemorgen” in Kleine Brigittinestraat?

So if you need us, we’ll be elsewhere. With a fantastic artistic programme and … a game. We’re inviting all the people from Brussels and the Brussels organisations, authorities, companies,… to trade me, swap me and share me to your hearts’ content. The brief? Take someone else’s place for a change: your neighbour, your partner or your fellow-manager at another establishment.

The confrontation with ‘the other’ is an enriching experience, come what may, and makes you question your identity. B-swap for life!

Together, the Beursschouwburg and Les Brigittines organise a great event based on the principle of trading, that we could very well call swapping.
We will blur the lines of our identities, our habits, and our spaces, to take over our partners' and invent new ones. 
Each theatre proposes a programme in the location of the other. The teams of both places will become one and will work together on all the stages to realise this project. We have a secret wish to extend this exchange to other structures, even the entire city!

Check here the programme!