• 20—30.09, 01—31.10, 01—30.11, 01—31.12.2017, 01—31.01, 01—28.02, 01—31.03, 01—30.04, 01—31.05, 01—27.06.2018

The "Orchestre Sauvage de Belgique" is an encounter between sound artists and the children of the Visitandines social-housing complex. During workshops that take place in the aquarium, the children learn to make instruments and microphones. While they share the same neighbourhood where they are living now, their cultural baggage and origins are very diverse (Morocco, Spain, Congo, Sudan, etc.). All these different backgrounds come to the surface while playing, to ultimately become one. 

Scheduled concerts of the OSB:
17 March: for the "Carnival sauvage" in the courtyard of the Visitandines residential complex
16 May: at the Royal Palace for the presentation of the prizes of Music Connects
June 6th - 14:00 : in Les Brigittines within the context of the T-Dansant de l'Amour
June 9th and 10th: On the occasion of the festival SuperVlieg/SuperMouche, in the Vorst Park

When : each wednesday, from 2pm to 6pm
Where : Aquarium des Brigittines, rue des Visitandines n°6 - 1000 Brussels
Contact : Maxime Lacôme - T. 0484 62 28 79 - axoxoasbl@gmail.com