• 20—30.09, 01—31.10, 01—30.11, 01—31.12.2017, 01—31.01, 01—28.02, 01—31.03, 01—30.04, 01—31.05, 01—27.06.2018

The Orchestre Sauvage de Belgique stems from the encounter between an artist (Maxime Lacôme) and the children of the Visitandines social  housing estate (Cola, Yassin, Sarah, Diego, Moemin...) during workshops organised by Marollywood, and their shared intent to make music together!
Bound by the same neighbourhood, these children bear the imprint of a vast cultural heritage (Morocco, Spain, Congo, Sudan...). When these children play, their origins emerge and merge. They make their own instruments and even... their microphones.

Following the massive success of its concerts, the Orchestre Sauvage expands to pursue its goal to decompartmentalize and open up to the world. In 2017, the band is re-baptised “Grand Orchestre Sauvage de Belgique” and welcomes new, unexpected band mates: elderly people residing in the care homes in the Marolles.
The originally multicultural Orchestra has become intergenerational and continues its hunt on prejudices by redistributing identities. 

Workshops reopened on September 20th and are ready to welcome new participants. 

When : each wednesday, from 2pm to 6pm
Where : Aquarium des Brigittines, rue des Visitandines n°6 - 1000 Brussels
Contact : Maxime Lacôme - T. 0484 62 28 79 - maximelacome@gmail.com