• 21+24.11.2017 20:30
  • 22+25.11.2017 19:00

Meet the artists after the performance on 24.11

In partnership with Le manège - scène Nationale - Reims

With Thérians, a solo for two dancers, Louise Vanneste and her collaborators put spectators in front of two tangible elements: a photography as scenography and source of light, the voice at the heart of an electro-organic soundtrack, the solo structure where one dancer replaces another, subtly; structure borrowed from Orlando, a novel by Virginia Woolf during which the main character abruptly switches from one gender to another. 

Playing with notions of apparition, disappearance and representations, Thérians relies on the silence of presences with an economy of means and challenges the spectator’s sensorial and perceptive experience.

Conception :
Louise Vanneste
Choreography en performance :
Youness Khoukhou, Louise Vanneste
Choreography assistant and dramaturgical look :
Anja Röttgerkamp
Set and light :
Arnaud Gerniers
Music :
Cédric Dambrain
Costumes :
Céline Lellouche
Costumes making :
Atelier du Théâtre de Liège
Dramaturgical support :
Olivier Hespel
Production en touring :
Alma Office
Production :
Louise Vanneste/Rising Horses
Co-production :
Charleroi danse / Centre Chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine – Saint – Denis, Théâtre de Liège – dans le cadre du réseau IMPACT (International Meeting in Performing Arts and Creative Technologies) soutenu par le Programme Interreg V Eurégio Meuse-Rhin, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Les Brigittines
With the support of :
Grand Studio
With the support of :
Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Administration générale de la culture, Service générale de la création artistique
Picture :
(c) Arnaud Gerniers