• 28.04.2018 19:00
Mezzo, 55’

In collaboration with workspacebrussels

Info & Program :

Dag van de Dans

An Be Taa Mi ? is an energetic performance for five dancers from all over the world: Morocco, Burkina Faso, Italy and Belgium. Choreographer Tierema Koama himself moved from Burkina Faso to Belgium a few years ago. He takes a critical look at our world, which he sees as a place where solidarity is steadily being eroded and ethics are not at the forefront. The title of the performance, An Be Taa Mi? (Where are we going?), wants to make us aware of our collective responsibility for the future. It is a positive call for more dialogue and less fear.  Through the dancing body, Koama questions the hypocrisy of our system, which fuels social and economic inequality between peoples.

Together with his dancers, he wants to propose love, openness and respect as the only way to live together in harmony. In Koama's eyes, dance can transcend differences and thus heal existing wounds. The dancing body brings us back to our basic human condition and demonstrates that our fundamental equality gives rise to hope.

Choregraphy :
Tierema Koama
Dance :
Mohammed Boujarra (Morocco), Ilaria Orlandini (Italia), Elise Bruyère (Belgium), Francesca Sarraullo (Italia), Tierça Koama (Burkina Faso)
Sound, light and stage design :
Alex Cepile (Brazil)
Light :
Charles Hoebanx (Belgium)
Co-production :
Support :
Globe Aroma, Ultima Vez, Les Brigittines