• 24+25.05.2018 20:30
  • 26.05.2018 22:00
Chapel, 60’

Barcelona / Paris


Having always been fascinated by Tarzan, stories of exploration and remote landscapes, Carlos Casas has created an immersive cinematographic work that starts from the discovery of otherwise impenetrable natural environments. In Sanctuary, he plunges us into the darkness of the jungle en route for the elephants’ graveyard, the final resting place for those who sense the end of their life approaching. A place of refuge for a disappearing species, and a path perhaps towards reincarnation… Somewhere between expanded cinema, a documentary and a sound installation, Sanctuary composes an environment out of images and (infra-)sounds recorded in the field by Carlos Casas and Chris Watson, a pioneer in field recording. The work invites us to go beyond our own cognitive and sensorial limits and lose ourselves to an extremely moving experience.

Sanctuary is an exhortation to leave behind our viewpoints as humans always out to win and to imagine our own sanctuaries. Visionary.

A project by :
Carlos Casas
Sound :
Chris Watson
Sound engineer :
Tony Myatt
Cinematography :
Benjamin Echazarreta
Editing :
Felipe Guerrero
Location sound :
Marc Parazon
With :
Sinharaja, S.A Senevirathne, Warna Sandeeya, Wayne Bamford, Tony Lourds, Yashodha Suriyapperuma
Bioacoustician :
Joyce Poole
Francesco Meneghini
Music :
Sebastian Escofet & Ariel Guzik
Presentation :
Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Les Brigittines
Producers :
Olivier Marboeuf, Spectre Productions, La Fabrique Phantom (France), Elena Hill, Soda Film + Art (UK), Krzysztof Dabrowski, Kimnes/Bersch (Poland), Saodat Ismailova, Map Productions (France, Uzbekistan)
Executive Producers :
Cedric Walter, Spectre Productions
Supported by :
CNAP (France), DICREAM (France), Wellcome Trust (UK, Small Arts Awards Fund), OUTSET SW
Picture :
(c) Carlos Casas