• 25.10, 21+22.11.2017
Les Brigittines

During one week, TRAFFIC presents three artists produced by companies working in collaboration with Les Brigittines: Amaranta Velarde for Hiroshima, Escena Independent in Barcelona, Alban Richard for Le manège - scène nationale in Rheims and Louise Vanneste for Les Brigittines.
This event showcases artists from abroad by pairing them with a well-known Brussels personality. Aesthetics and sensitive horizons merge for the greatest pleasure and curiosity of the audience.

The exchange between our structures will continue this season when Louise Vanneste will go to Rheims and Leslie Mannès to Barcelona.

21 & 22.11.17
Amaranta Velarde & Alba G. Corral

21+22 & 24+25.11.17
Louise Vanneste

24 & 25.11.17
Alban Richard with Erwan Keravec & Mariam Wallentin