• 16—20.10.2018 20:30
Chapel, 65’

Meet the artists after the performance on 19.10


Vice Versa
Alecto –

(At) the Crack of Dawn
– creation

In about a quarter of an hour, Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté experiment with the short form as though it were a novella or short story. With the same four performers, solos, duets, and trios question our imagination: symbiotic and piercing movements to counter the violence of the world (Vice Versa), the torments of a vengeful deity pursuing murderous humanity (Alecto), dazed fascination conflated with cannibalism (Alban), and a sabbatical dance by three young women on the beach at the end of the night. ((At) the Crack of Dawn).

Possibility to combine with the show Murmurô - Variation sur l'immobile de Fré Werbrouck/Cie D'ici P. - Combi-ticket : 18/15 eur > https://shop.utick.be/?module=...

Concept, choreography and production :
Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté
Performance and choreography collaboration :
Victor Dumont, Frauke Mariën, Shantala Pèpe et Vilma Pitrinaite
Collaboration :
Jean-Jacques Deneumoustier, Thomas Turine, Patricia Eggerickx, Rebecca Florès-Martinez, Yota Dafniotou, Julie Goldsteinas, Wendy Toussaint, Elisabeth Woronoff, Camille Flahaut et Lydie Fourneau
Photos :
Mikha Wajnrych