• 30.11, 01.12.2018 18:00—23:00

Installation. Free entrance. Opening : 30/11, 17:00

Working Title Festival

Partial vacuum is an installation that places seven found photographs next to seven radiometers or light mills. As a viewer you see an image, but no vanishing point or centre of attention. It is an artefact in constant movement, as are our memories: fleeting, decelerating, gone. Glass, acrylic resin and mica stone are the primary materials of the installation. Image and object together form a dedicated milieu in which the viewer is invited to imagine and wander.

Lucia Montero is a visual artist based in London working primarily with moving image, sound and photography. After graduating in Visual Arts and Multimedia in 2013, she started working with Nomad projects and collaborated with artists such as Marcus Coates, Nathaniel Mellors and Lundhal & Seitl, acquiring experience with site-specific installations and co-creative projects. She has also been developing a more intimate practice focusing on appropriation techniques, associative aesthetics and remembrance.

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Lucía Montero
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