• 10—11, 17—18.05.2019 21:00
  • 12+19.05.2019 14:00
  • 14+15.05.2019 20:00
Chapel, 160’


Symphonia Harmoniae Caelestium Revelationum is the title of the musical oeuvre of Hildegard von Bingen, the twelfth-century Benedictine abbess, mystic, theologian, physician and musician. François Chaignaud and Marie-Pierre Brébant invite the audience to immerse itself in her complete cycle of 69 monodies during a three-hour session. They recite the songs from memory, accompanied by the bandura, a traditional Ukrainian string instrument. Their bodies form a musical archive which, song after song, confronts us with another perspective on the roots of Western culture. The work of Hildegard von Bingen is characterized by the use of keys that can easily sound strange with regard to the European musical tradition. Chaignaud and Brébant give voice to the unexpected tonal anomalies that once formed the core of Western culture but have now vanished from the modern canon.

Their exploration of our musical and spiritual past straddles the border between a meditative installation, a concert and a contemplative choreography. Body, voice and bandura culminate in an ecstatic vision that exposes once more the physical relationship with the divine.

Conception & performance :
François Chaignaud & Marie-Pierre Brébant
Based on :
Hildegard von Bingen’s musical works (1098-1179)
Bandura & musical adaptation :
Marie-Pierre Brébant
Based on Hildegard von Bingen’s musical works (1098-1179)
Scenography :
Arthur Hoffner
Light creation :
Philippe Gladieux
Creation and sound design :
Christophe Hauser
Artistic collaboration :
Sarah Chaumette
Costumes :
Cédrick Debeuf, Loïs Heckendorn
Tatouages :
Creation Loïs Heckendorn I Printing Micka Arasco
General direction :
Anthony Merlaud, François Boulet
Latin prosody :
Angela Cossu
Administration, production :
Barbara Coffy-Yarsel, Chloé Schmidt, Jeanne Lefèvre, Clémentine Rougier
Diffusion :
Sarah de Ganck/ART HAPPENS
Production :
Vlovajob Pru
Coproduction :
Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Bonlieu Scène Nationale (Annecy), Pact Zollverein (Essen), les Subsistances (Lyon), Centre Chorégraphique National (Caen), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen), Arsenal/Cité musicale (Metz), Centre national de la danse (France), Biennale of Contemporary Art (Porto), La Bâtie, Festival de Genève (Switzerland)
With the support of :
Villa Noailles (Hyères), Centre national de la danse (residency), La Métive (residency), FRAC Besançon (residency), French Institute and the French Embassy in Belgium, in the frame of Extra
Thanks to :
Lucie Jolivet, Lyubomyr
Picture :
© Detail of an illumination in codex Lucca, Bibliothèque d’État de Lucques, MS 1942, fol.