• 26—28.02, 01+02.03.2019 21:15
Chapel, 30'’

Within the context of Brussels, dance !

New version

In turn swaddled, caressed, hit, brutalised, and most often diverted from its traditional image, the Lea Petra's upright piano emits strange and amazing live sounds throughout the performance and improvisation, which are in dialogue with the outrageously rounded body of Ayelen Parolin, the slender dancer with curves accentuated to the point of the grotesque by an all-white, stuffed costume: fake bum, fake belly, fake breasts, pasty face, a wild Pulcinella from a Tiepolo painting.

Controlling and climaxing, a clash in this tandem piece that delivers in full. Between fury and pleasure, Ayelen and Lea play with the energy of the present, of excessiveness and misconduct... more or less controlled. A breath of fresh air, freedom, and letting go, in a time where the predictable and safety triumph.

Single rate : 8 eur
Possibility to combine with the show En Effet from Cie mala hierba/Marielle Morales - Combi-ticket : 12 eur > https://shop.utick.be/?module=...

Choreography, performance :
Ayelen Parolin
Music creation, performance :
Lea Petra
Dramaturgy :
Olivier Hespel
Costumes :
Marie Artamonoff, Ayelen Parolin
Choreography assistance :
Marc Iglesias
Light design :
Laurence Halloy
Production :
Ruda asbl
Co-production :
Théâtre National, Les Brigittines
Studio rehearsals :
Les Brigittines, La Raffinerie / Charleroi danse
Image :
(c) Hofmann