• 10—12.10.2019 19:30
Mezzo, 25’

In Victims & Images, Israeli choreographer Roni Chadash is showing continued commitment to her research, which she started over three years ago, concerning the body and its representation in our modern societies.

In this duo, Roni Chadash, together with the dancer Carmel Ben Asher, are taking it one step further, confroting the audience with their never-ending need/will to produce images through their own bodies.

They are simultaneously predators and victims, changing constantly between different images for the sake of the show, for the art, for feminity, for themselves.

Single rate : 8 eur
Possibility to combine with lostmovemens by Jan Martens & Marc Vanrunxt
COMBO : 18/15 eur > http://bit.ly/2kGWzm9

Choreography :
Roni Chadash
Performance :
Carmel Ben Asher, Roni Chadash
Dramaturgy :
Yael Biegon-Citron
Artistic advisor :
Maya Brinner
Rehearsal manager :
Dana Shoval
Original music :
Noa Ayali
‘Victims & Images’ premiered on November 2018 as part of :
Curtain Up Festival 2018, Suzanne Dellal
Supported by :
‘Garage21’, The Department of Arts - Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts and ‘Meever’
Pictures :
Avi Golran