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Saison 2020.21


is a shifting form
of unpredictable beauty

Prodigal and precarious, our era lacked uncertainty and paradox: it found them in this tiny thing that has turned our lives upside down.

But there's no way we're going to forsake our intentions, energy or attention without a fight! A problem can be turned into a challenge, particularly at a place of creation: it increases tenfold our desire to support choreographers and welcome our audiences, to offer them extraordinary performances and take them to imaginary worlds which, in the curious and open melting pot that Brussels is, epitomise free inspiration.

Even if we are unsure about what the future holds at the moment, we have shaped the season in the hope that everything will be able to go ahead as planned. A season full of performances, combined evenings, lectures, concerts, encounters with the audience, initiatives with local residents, educational workshops, residencies...

More than ever, we are convinced that one of the roles art has to fulfil is the search for an artistic alternative to reality. An alternative that distances itself from its impasses and clichés and, instead, offers a perspective that confirms that anything is possible and that only beauty is truly unpredictable.
However modest this mission may be, for us it is especially important to be able to share it with you.

Patrick Bonté
General and artistic director