• 29.08.2020 18:00
Les Brigittines, 10’

In the open air


(Running with eyes closed along the edge of a cliff)

In a ten-minute solo intended not for the stage, but for theatre halls and public places, Éléonore Valère-Lachky wants to sound the alarm about the impact of our behaviour on the environment.

Ground dance, crawling, and then verticality regained as symbols of life drive, action and resistance. They all express committed support for the scientific word, the one that, in the heart of the City, tries to denounce, or even thwart, the advertising discourse, which is invasive, alienating or downright deceitful. An artistic gesture in a state of emergency, like an alert on the brink of collapse.

Concept, text, performance :
Éléonore Valère-Lachky
Sound recording :
Jérémy Michel
Soundtrack :
Les proies - BO from Mustang by Warren Ellis,
 extract from Martha's dream - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
Production, distribution :
Les Brigittines
Thanks to :
Elodie Gilbert (CC Braine L'Alleud), Ophélie Gondry, Anton Lachky, Jean-Marie Wannyn