• 19+20.02.2021 20:30
Chapel, 60’

Collective creation theater and movement

TAPAGE NOCTURNE is the upshot of workshops launched by the ÅTTA collective with the combined input of socially aware citizens. It is a voyage of discovery into the cohesion and strength of the neighbourhood, but also into its blunders. It explores the symbolism of coexistence and raises questions about its place, its limits and the intimacy that may or may not be possible in all that urban racket. It considers the notions of closeness, of living in each other’s pockets, the "too muchness" of the city and the "not enoughness" of everyday life. Bodies engage in dialogue, express themselves, meet each other and answer each other. They draw from memories, from spaces to finally venture into a new vibe, that of the collective and of the need to be, to be noisy!

TAPAGE NOCTURNE is a multidisciplinary and cross-generational project of collective creation. The ÅTTA collective brings together animators, photographers, actors and screenwriters. The project is run and framed by Morgan, Adèle Vandroth and Quentin Gubin. It is the sequel to an initial photo and sound module that inspired the exhibition Tapage Nocturne in Hectolitre and Le Palace in 2019/2020. In 2021, a third module of Tapage Nocturne is set to be released, which will consist of a photo and text book edition, in collaboration with Art et Marges Musée.

Concept :
Alison Morgan, Adèle Vandroth, Quentin Gubin
Performance :
Mohammed Almafraji, Mustapha Belarbi, Jacques Berthe, Camille Collard, Alexis Dourdine, Isabelle Douxchamps, Fiona Feeley, Laura Gaggiottini, Jean Gilson, Miguel Houttekier, Elodie Javor, Arnaud Maréchal, Julie Perniaux, Roger Schiettecatte
Production :
Collectif ÅTTA
Co-production :
Les Brigittines