• 26.09.2020 18:00
Chapel, 50’


Four characters seated on four chairs perform a rhythmic and choreographic ritual consisting of leg and hand-clapping. Suddenly, a shift takes place and the ritual becomes the echo of the city and gradually generates a liberating trance.

The Magnificent 4 is a 7-minute choreographic performance from the Siegfried Forever production. The performance is followed by a master class in which Mauro and his colleagues teach the choreography to the spectators in a playful yet dynamic atmosphere.

Choreography :
Mauro Paccagnella, Ben Fury, Stéphane Broc, Christophe Morisset
Performance :
Mauro Paccagnella, Stéphane Broc, Gaëtan Bulourde, Alessandro Bernardeschi
Picture :
Stéphane Broc